Priorsfield Layout
Board 1: Priorsfield Station & Engine Shed
A two platform station with run-rounds for locomotive release.  The workshop at the front of the board is a left-over from a much earlier time and still employs overhead line shafting to drive the machine tools.

Board 2 - Barn & Cattle and Loading Docks
These facilities are common for branch stations and can handle almost any type of goods traffic. The barn is squeezed by a siding and must have represented a significant fire risk in steam days.

Board 3 - Goods Shed, Level Crossing, Signal Box & Mill
The crossing is of a less familiar layout with the gates swinging to an unusual position.  The private siding to the Mill provides additional traffic.

Board 4 - Locks & Viaduct
The single-line viaduct across the river valley crosses both the river and canal with two locks arranged as a staircase linking the two.  The Lock Keeper's cottage with its vegatable garden and greenhouse allows the Lock Keeper to be on hand at all times.

Board 5 - Church
The small church was originally a chapel for the much bigger Priory from which the villiage gets its name.

Board 6 - Alvin's End Village & Fiddle Yard
The village buildings were based on those in Clandon near Guildford.  The Bull's Head has been mirrored to better fit the space.  Note the false perspective which give an illusion of greater depth.

Priorsfield was featured in the January 2016 issue of Model Rail.

Priorsfield booking Datasheet -PDF