SAVERNAKE (Progress)
Savernake is our new OO layout project currently in construction. It is based around the two Savernake stations that used to exist near Burbage in Wiltshire. The layout will be 24' by 11' 6" with a central operating well, a deep scenic front and sides and a substantial split-level fiddle yard at the rear. It will be fully DCC and make use of the latest digital control systems for operation of points, and signals.
This page shows some photos of progress on this huge build.

Savernake Progress 070317
As you can see from this recent picture progress has been rapid now that the exhibition is out of the way. The board frames are constructed from plywood in various thicknesses. The pieces were laser cut to our own custom design and glued together in a jig to make sure eveything was square and true. The boards in this photo are the main front 8 boards pushed together and sitting on tables for this shot. When complete they will sit on their own folding legs.
The boards are joined to each other using hidden draw latch clamps and aligned using steel pattern-makers dowels. Cutouts for both of these were included in the laser cutting designs so that board alignment is precise. As of 6th April 2017, all the board frames have been glued together and the process of fitting the legs has begun.
Once that is complete we will start on the track and canal beds and laying the track. The track layout has been designed on Templot and for the scenic areas the point work will be hand built using C & L parts.