This OO gauge layout has been constructed by club member David Wilde.

The layout is based on Ventnor station on the Isle of Wight and set in the mid to late 1960s. The line from Shanklin to Ventnor was earmarked for closure in 1966 but considerable money was spent so that it could be used as a test bed for other lines that were marginally profitable. Instead of closing the line, the authorities decided to try 3rd rail electrification running 1938 LT underground stock, and redundant SR EMUs. To this end, the line from Ryde to Ventnor was electrified and a new motive power depot built. As the changes were ‘experimental’ steam was still in occasional use as is the depot diesel shunter.

Locomotive control is by Digitrax DCC, with conventional DC point control via Cobalt slow action point motors.

Ventnor Track Plan
The layout is 12ft 3ins by 2ft 3ins overall with a 9ft scenic section and a 4 track turntable fiddle yard.

Ventnor booking Datasheet -PDF