The layout dipicts a fictitious station which serves a small village and industrial park. It is notionally at the limit of commuter services up to the big city and thus has two terminus platforms to serve the local commuter trains and two through platforms for ongoing full-formation trains. It also has a modest goods yard and boasts a large MPD to supply loco changes for through services down to the country.

When we show it, people are often curious about the re-railing mechanisms found in the fiddle yard. Each fiddle line has had a ~15 cm piece of track replaced with two brass strips, placed 9mm apart (the track gauge for N scale). The flanges of the wheels of the rolling stock can only drop into the gap between the brass strips, unlike a piece of track where the wheels can drop either side of the rails. The re-railing of a large steam locomotive and bogie passenger stock is made much easier as a result of this in-expensive idea.
Also of interest to vistors is the fully automatic turnable which utilises a MERG turntable controller board and stepper motor driving an off the shelf Peco turntable.

The layout was first shown complete at our January 2017 exhibition.

Whitmoor Track Plan

Whitmoor booking Datasheet -PDF