2024, Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2024, with Christmas over with for another year, and things starting to return to the usual post Christmas routine, 2024 is a year to look forward to for the club. Earlier this week we had our first club meetup of the year on Tuesday night, with members making use of the club test track to run in things both new and old.

Currently our focus is on the final preparations for our Club ran exhibition over at the Surrey Sports Park. Traders and layouts are booked and all that’s left to do is prepare for the setup at Surrey Sports Park. If you are interested in coming along, you can find out more information here for the details on who, what, where and when.

We are also running open days as we have done in the past with more information on those here.

Website wise, we also have a couple of things planned, from more posts like these, to new pages of content. So keep checking back throughout the year to see what we are getting up to.  

If you want to join or visit the club, enquire about our exhibition or if you want one of our layouts to exhibit at your show, then please get in touch by using the Contact Us page .