March 2024 website update

March already? Well, yes somehow it is. That also means it’s spring and time that the website could do with a bit of Freshening up. So, if you would like to turn your attention to the header, you’ll notice a new item – ASTOLAT MODEL RAILWAY CLUB – A HISTORY has appeared.

A few months ago I was given documentation that was written up from the memories of current and former club members, in total there are 11 pages of A4 which I am slowly (because that’s apparently my only pace) converting to a digital document for people to read. Currently I have parts 1 & 2 done and they are now available for your perusal.

On a different note, but still header related, under Club Layouts is a new section for Members layouts, This will include, the layout and member’s name, some text on the layout and an image or more to show it off.

And Finally, I’ve added the date for the next open day to the front page, if you’ve made it here, you’ll have either seen it or scrolled past it, but to save you going back to look, it’s Saturday April 27th