Traditionally we name our layouts after local places, most of which never had a railway, and as such they are not generally affiliated to any particular railway company or region – being designed to allow stock owned by club members a chance to be run at exhibitions. After all, the object is to have fun and entertain visitors.

We do not run to timetables, and do not mind which region or type of rolling stock is run, although we do try to maintain some consistency in what is running at any particular time. At exhibitions we are much stricter with this rule (we tend to either agree with exhibition organisers, or decide before going which period/stock we will be running) than at club running nights, when virtually any stock owned by members runs.

Whitmoor – Fully constructed and running
A freelance N gauge layout, 12′ x 3′.
The layout has a continuous run, via a fiddle yard, on a double main line through station. Additional terminal platforms at one end of the station are intended for branchline traffic and surburban traffic to the “big city”. The track plan includes a goods yard and locomotive depot and fully automatic turntable. The layout is designed to be operated by 2, 3 or 4 operators.

Savernake – Work in progress
Our next OO layout is a representation of the two stations at Savernake; both the lower GWR and upper MSWJR stations are modelled. We have been progressing the scenic work having completed the track laying, however are still waiting to install all of the electronics due to waiting for ‘chips’ (like everyone else…..).

A DCC controlled layout 24ft x 12ft, it provides for a full running sequence on either line with links for (mostly) freight traffic between them. The layout includes the section of the Kennet and Avon canal at Bruce Tunnel, which prototypically passes under the lower station. A moving canal barge gently travels from one end to the other.

Also featured is the Steam Pumping station at Crofton. The layout has been exhibited in ‘under construction’ form at exhibitions and open days, but we expect to be able to exhibit the layout fully at our 2025 exhibition. Below are some images of the layout in progress and and overview track plan and suggested operations plan.

009 Layout – In R&D

We are currently in the early stages of developing a new 009 gauge layout for the club. Currently members are putting together ideas for track plans and features and we will update as it progresses.