Our Spring Open Day 2024 will be held on 27th April, 11am – 5pm

Many thanks once again to the National Trust for allowing us to hold our previous open days in our club room in the Old Barge Building Shed at Dapdune Wharf NT.

For details on Dapdune Wharf and its location please go to their National Trust website.

A look back on the 2023 Autumn Open Day:

We had a very successful open day in August, which included a number of never-before-seen layouts to add a
bit of variety for the viewing public (around 200 of them). Whitmoor was its usual stalwart, and thanks go to Bob
and John for looking after it yet again.

The Modular N Gauge system made its public debut with Chris, David, Colin, and Michael contributing
sections to run, which together with two of the club corners made up a 3m x 3m layout. We were running
trains on all three of the public tracks and David and Michael were running their private tracks. A very
successful day enabling some of the ‘niggles’ to be ironed out and giving us another string to our exhibiting

We also had Neil’s O gauge layout with his impressive large diesels – with sound! This fascinated a number
of visitors – especially when locos ran “a la Titfield Thunderbolt” – without track (all locos being battery
driven and remote controlled). Disappointing to Colin though, whose little B4 steamer had to stand alone